lots of excite on VAMPIRE VISION

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check it out init

JUST so everyone is clear and it is up and down in writing, please for now just focus on your own projects,

I’ll let everyone know when their talents are needed, good luck!


a few cat designs…

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Here are three designs I quickly re-skecthed digitally. I then coloured the best looking one.. but as you can see.. he looks a bit TOO cute for this project. other initial sketches coming soon~~ after I fix my scanner up =D

His features were too rounded, and was missing that edgey, bizarre look.

Points I kept in mind:


-Unexpected colour combos


After pointing out these 3 features, I did further research in Vinyl designer figure designs and works of Jeremy Ville whos also done a bit of fire designing.=D

I used the same colour palette as “Tree Hugger” A vinyl DUNNY design.

The result? ………………

Further details on personal blog~~



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I found some whacky monkeys in a band!! Thought the millions of layers the artist used was just perfect for our project! Just.. instead of B&W images, we will be using mixed media?  And it portrays what TeX was on about!

-smashing objects falling from the sky!

-busy secondary animation~

-Dramatic camera angles +  sudden cutz

– overall a very busy screen!!

schedule ..COMING SOON!!



getting started

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Oh would you look, I am just getting started with PAPIER MAChÉ, this website looks like it’ll be very useful to us as the project rolls back so check it out!

As you all know, the task for this week is for you to get to know the characters visually by drawing them. This should help you get to grips with what the characters are about by exploring their emotions, thoughts, and personality through the use of shape and form. Great! BUUUT an important thing to keep in mind:

The characters we are dealing with are not separate individuals, they are all one and the same, a single being in a state of existential flux, change is inevitable and will happen, it is a result of it’s environment and it’s environment is all it is.

Think about in dreams when everything you imagine while sleeping represents you. You’re in a room with a door and a hand on the floor, you are the room, you are the door, you are the hand and the floor. Think about how the only thing we have in common and share with one another as beings, as human beings, or as creatures is existence and the fact that we exist. Now start to think of the character and the small world that it is in as one and the same, different aspects of a single massive entity.

There’s a confused mix of thoughts present here, I’ll leave it for you to mull over and pick holes at and I’ll move on to the character designs as promised:

THE CAT : Our guy is first recognisable as any kind of character when it becomes THE CAT. A cat is an animal and not a human. (NOT A HUMAN = ANIMAL, MACHINE, “DIVINE” “BEING”) It represents the animal inside every human and the animal that every human probably really is. The world that the cat inhabits is a blank one, there’s nothing here until it is conscious of it’s presence in the empty space. It is the cats own act of undergoing conscious thought that causes it’s world to unfold before it, presenting it with trial and danger and an urge to survive. Consciousness is a privilege—curse that we all share. Notice the cartoon glove motif, not only a reference to his cartoon cat predecessors but a symbol representing his lack of touch with the world. Also note that his eyes are wide open, vision is there. As the cat runs through the nothing, frantically dodging the dangerous objects that are now falling from the emptiness “above” — plant life starts to appear, forming a more realised sense of “the ground”. The ground starts to thicken with flowers, grass, bushes and trees until the cat is now in a fully blown forest or jungle. As it dodges behind trees and through bushes, the cat becomes…

THE GIRL : A cute representation of humanity as it is. Innocent and unaware, dangerous and effective, playful and untouchable. Her hair is shaved to remove identity (concentration camp motif) and to insinuate thuggish intent/ideals (racist skin head motif). Naturally (representing humanity) the girl should present viewers with a conflicting series of ideas and opinions as to what she is all about — our species isn’t a simple subject despite the fact that it may be a subjectively simple species. The girl skips through the forest/jungle with her eyes closed, paying little or no attention to the beautiful surroundings that have unfolded before her as a result of the curious cats privilege—curse of consciousness. Every object that falls from the sky seems to just miss the girl as she skips lightly through the trees, happy and now totally unaware of the danger all around her. The cartoon glove motif is gone and is replaced with closed eyes, a reverse image of the cat, our hands have the ability to access technology. As the girl approaches the heart of the piece, the mountain/volcano, she enters a new stage in her existence and changes again…

THE VAMPIRE : The final stage. Vampires are dead, scary, dead scary. They’re animal and human combined. They’re the darkness of humanity manifest into a monster that exists in our shared imaginations, reappearing again and again in countless stories (except for the ones with count Dracula in harr harr harr) through out time. The shadow of the cold, cunning, bloodthirsty nature that we as a species cast on to our own shared psyche, distorted and exaggerated into a fantasy creature oozing evil intent. The vampire is again, not a human. It is reminiscent of human and also of animal but it is not machine (in a mechanical sense, Richard Dawkins) — it is closer to “DIVINE” “BEING”, a step away from physical form (spirit/soul as air as opposed to spirit/soul as bone) and a step towards the life after life as we know it. The vampire regains it’s awareness of the danger and is more tuned into this world then it was as a scaredy cat or a naive young girl — it can see the source of the danger and knows how to stop it. It is finally coming to terms with its existence and is understanding what it really is for the first time, it is facing itself and is acknowledging it’s big Other. It knows that it’s dangerous and can only go forwards by stepping backwards to see the bigger picture, it is violent and deadly and okay with that. It knows what to do and it isn’t wrong. There are no bad people, people are playful. This is the vampire.

Now that I’ve explained some of the complex and archaic thought process behind our guy, the character, make yourself comfortable and get to know them on paper with your own hands. I’ll be doing some myself as well as working on various other things this weekend — I’m really excited to see how this all looks through your eyes guys, I’m expecting you all to really wow me!

What I’d like to see from you:

• Drawings of the character in each stage (cat girl vampire)

• Drawings of the character inbetween stages (these are the ones you can have most fun with, really push yourself on these, I’ll do a bunch too because they really are FUN)


• A simple animated loop of the character changing from one stage to another

completing BONUS TASK ! ! :D:D:D:D‘s will win you BONUS POINTS :O:O

as the project goes on your bonus points will add up and up and up, bonus points make your name appear more times in the films credits and in increasingly large font sizes too. If that isn’t a compelling enough drive to complete the bonus task, then I don’t know what is. I will be excluded from the bonus points plan as I feel this will be unfair on the rest of you guys as my name will appearing first, last, and inbetween all of your names throughout the credits anyway lol

cat fangs & bat wangs — welcome to the WOMB

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Hey GANG, Tex here. I gave you all a list of artists to check out earlier but here’s a link to an old image dump I made called CAT FANGS & BAT WANGS. The bulk of material on there dates from November to October 09. There’s more than enough to get you thinking about cats, vampires, swords and hidden desires — enough of it to drown in probably..:)

Here’s a few examples of what to expect :


Finally I’d just like to welcome you all to the WOMB• It doesn’t matter if you’re a humble reader or just one of the GANG — either way you’ll love it in here! in fact you may not even want to leave//